How does Driveway determine the value of my car?

We’ve got a tried-and-true system for getting you a guaranteed, no-haggle price for your vehicle. We start by partnering with some of the most reliable names in the biz to make sure we’re giving you a fair price: Kelley Blue Book, CARFAX, National Automobile Dealers Association, AutoCheck, and Black Book.  

Our offers are based on:    

  • Your license plate number or VIN  

  • Year, make, model, and trim level 

  • Features and conditions 

  • Availability of similar cars in your area 

Your offer is good for 7 days and is pending evaluation, proof of valid ownership, and any lien payoff information. Once we verify your vehicle's details, you may see a change in your offer. Why not get an instant cash offer from Driveway today?

Get an Offer

We use some simple information about your vehicle and a whole lot of data in the background to determine our best offer for your car.

Making Our Best Offer

We partner with the most reliable names in the business to evaluate your vehicle's condition, history and equipment, then compare it to similar vehicles in your area.
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