What care and protection plans does Driveway offer for my new car?

Quick Answer

We offer four plans to keep your vehicle running smoothly and to protect its value over time: Loss Protection, Repair Coverage, Tire & Wheel Repair, and Lifetime Oil Change. Order a service plan online as you purchase your vehicle or contact us at (888) DRV-EWAY to learn more.

A new vehicle is a big investment. We offer no-nonsense plans that keep your car running smoothly and protect your vehicle's value over time. Work with our friendly Driveway team during your purchase to add any of these plans:

  • Vehicle Loss Protection: Pays off the remainder of your loan in the unhappy event of a major accident or if your vehicle is stolen.

  • Vehicle Repair Coverage: Covers major and small repairs, plus roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement, and more to give you a more worry-free car ownership experience.

  • Tire & Wheel Repair: Pays for tire and wheel repair or replacement due to road hazard damage, plus 24/7 nationwide roadside assistance.

  • Lifetime Oil Change: Covers two synthetic oil and filter changes per year, scheduled at your convenience at any of our local service centers.

You can order these online as you purchase the vehicle. You can also contact us at (888) DRV-EWAY for help with care and protection plans.

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