Why is the vehicle I favorited now showing up as pending or unavailable?

Quick Answer

When a vehicle is listed as Sale Pending or Unavailable, it means someone else is either in the process of buying it or they've already sealed the deal.

You may notice one of your favorited vehicles now has either a Sale Pending or Unavailable flag on it. These flags can be seen on the thumbnail photo or in place of the Get Started button on the vehicle's detail page.    

  • Sale Pending means we're temporarily holding the vehicle for another shopper who has started the purchase process. This vehicle may become available again if that other shopper changes their mind and decides not to move forward with the purchase. 

  • Unavailable means either another shopper has closed the deal and purchased the vehicle, or we needed to pull it from our inventory for another reason. Once a vehicle is marked Unavailable, it likely won't become available again.

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